Fully Adjustable V-BLock
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Last Updated 6/30/05


This V-block is designed for the Mitutoyo LSM-506 it is fully adjustable up and down to keep the part diameter centered within the laser beam. The Vs are resting on hardened rods. This allows the Vs to be moved along the rods so they can support longer parts.

Due to this design the entire stage can be moved along the rods. This can either be accomplished via a linear actuator and a handwheel for the finer movements, or with an eighth of a turn of the quick disconnect knob, you can manually move the fixture. This movement allows the parts to be checked at different locations along the length without having to move the actual part.

This particular fixture is design for fourteen inches of travel along the rods. We have also attached a digital readout to this movement. This helps to figure out exactly where you are checking the part in relation to the length. This readout also features SPC output, so your data can be recorded directly into a PC.

Due to the rods hanging over the base so much this fixture requires a custom base for the laser. It is also recommended to fasten the base to a table to prevent tipping.

This fixture design is extremely versatile. For example, you may need more travel along the length. Or you might want to use centers or other custom workholders instead of V-blocks. Maybe you want to add a motor to allow the part to spin constantly. All these options and more are feasible with this type of design.