18" Scale Fixture
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Last Updated 3/2/04




To the left you see our 18" Scale Fixture. This fixture was designed to calibrate 18" steel rulers. It uses a 24" digital scale, with a black and white camera mounted to it. It also uses a 9" black and white monitor with a cross-hair generator. This allows the operator to align the graduation marks more precisely and with greater ease.

You also see the monitor mounted on our custom stand, which contains all of the cables necesary for the operation of the unit. This particular unit is shown with a prototype of our fine adjustment of the travel of the camera. This fine adjustment allows for either a slower motion by using the handwheel, or a rapid movement by disengaging the linear actuator.

We are also working on a model with motorized controls. This would be a joystick which controls the travel of the camera, allowing both a rapid movement and a fine feed movement.

This is only one application for which a design like this could be usefull. We can easily customize a similar fixture for your needs.